Buddhist Summer School 2022


Start your New Year by immersing yourself in teachings from Theravada, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism.

A rich tapestry of traditions has been woven by Asian cultures around the essence of the teachings of the Buddha, who lived 2500 years ago. The enduring nature of Buddhism is symptomatic of its integrity as a spiritual discipline. Over the past several decades Westerners have begun to learn from and participate in the diversity and essence of Buddhism.

The Summer School offers courses on Buddhist philosophy and meditation within various traditions, as well as courses on comparative philosophy and psychology.


Opening Forum
9:30am to 11am Saturday

The opening forum is an opportunity to hear the Summer School speakers engage in discussion on one of life’s big questions. There will be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions.

The forum is free and open to all!

The Esteemed Speakers

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche
Nyingma Meditation Master
Pristine Mind Foundation

Ekai Korematsu Roshi
Soto Zen Master
Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community 

Venerable Juewei Shi
Humanistic Buddhism
Nan Tien Institute

Traleg Khandro
Long-time student & wife of the late Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX
Integral Buddhism
E-Vam Institute

Sam Bercholz
Senior Teacher in Kagyu & Nyingma Tradition
Founder Shambhala Publications

Dr Pilar Jennings
Buddhist & Psychoanalyst

Peter Oldmeadow
Author, Academic & Buddhist Philosopher

Teishi Shona Innes
Senior Student Soto Zen Tradition
Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community


The Full Program will be available shortly…


Start at just $30. Come for the full event or any combination of days. Concessions apply (discount and codes below). Please note concessions do not apply to early bird tickets.

HCC holder 10% (code: concession) – Members 10% (code: member) Students 30% (code: student) – Under35 30% (code: under35)

At this time, we want to ensure that everyone has the same access, regardless of financial position. You can apply for our Dharma Dana fund to attend at no/reduced cost here.