Traleg Rinpoche Book Club- How to do Life

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Traleg Rinpoche Book Club- How to do Life

June 21 @ 7:30 pm - July 26 @ 8:45 pm


How To Do Life: A Buddhist Perspective by Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX

Tuesdays 21 June- 26 July  7:30- 8:45pm Online via Zoom

 By Donation

Join us for this wonderful opportunity..

Whether you are new to Buddhism or an established practitioner, taking the time to study, contemplate and meditate on the teachings is vital in ensuring the assimilation of wisdom to benefit everyday life.

Join us in our weekly online book club, as together we read- How To Do Life- A Buddhist Perspective by Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX.

Dedicate meaningful time each week to slowly read and integrate this meaningful text!



About the book…



Foreword by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

During Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche’s life, he taught extensively, not only providing translation and commentary of Tibetan Buddhist texts, but also direct and spontaneous teachings that were very practical, and gave down-to-earth advice on how to do life better. Rinpoche gave advice on how we can review and manage our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world in such a way that can enhance our experience of life generally, and how we can more heroically face the many challenges life presents. How To Do Life is a collection of teachings given by the Traleg Rinpoche on topics such as love and relationships, understanding emotions, and working with depression and destructive emotions. Rinpoche provides a fresh approach to reviewing our experience, and explains the Buddhist perspective on building awareness and reducing suffering. It provides insights that can help us all Do Life better.


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How to Do Life – A Buddhist Perspective:

Section 1 – Living a Fulfilling life
The Importance of Having a Big Vision for ones Life
Relationship with Oneself and Positive Self-Image
The Importance of Positive Thoughts
Our Relationship with Others
Our Relationship with Reality

Section 2 – Relationships in Everyday life
Self-Knowledge and Relationships
Witnessing our own Emotions
Intention, Expression, and Fluidity in Relationships

Section 3 – Emotions
Emotions, Fixation, Self Interest and the Role of Judgment
Onimpresent Mental States
The Relationship Between Cognitive Activity and Emotional Experiences
Positive Emotions
The Support Structure for Emotions
Destructive Thoughts and Negative Tendencies
Approaches to Meditation
Developing a Healthier Relationship to Depression
Depression and Courage

Section 4 – Happiness
Theories Of Happiness—East And West
Eastern and Western Theories On Happiness
Happiness and Its Relationship To Suffering
Happiness And The Distance Between How Things Are And How They Appear
Happiness And Our Sensory Experience
Happiness And Our Karmic Disposition
Happiness: A Comprehensive Perspective on Fulfillment
Happiness, Morality, and Fulfilling our Desires Happiness, Appreciation, and Intentionality


Held online via “Zoom”.

7:30 pm each Tuesday evening and finish around 8:45 pm.

Participation is by donation.

Copies of the book are available at Akshara Bookstore. Order your copy today on (03) 9387 0422 / .

TRALEG RINPOCHE BOOK CLUB – How To Do Life: A Buddhist perspective 

6 weeks, Tuesdays June 21-July 26

7:30pm-8:45pm Online by donation

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June 21 @ 7:30 pm
July 26 @ 8:45 pm


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