Full Membership

Full Membership in E-Vam Institute

To apply for full membership you need to have been an Associate Member for a minimum of 2 years. Some exemptions may apply for lapsed members who wish to reapply for Full Membership, current E-Vam Shedra students and past E-Vam Ngondro class attendees who have had recent and regular contact with E-Vam Institute.


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The Meditation & Teachings Quarterly Series
The Meditation & Teachings Quarterly Series is a 4-part series where over the course of a year we will have the oportunity to:
* engage in extensive meditation practice.
* learn from the profound Dharma of Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche’s recorded teachings.
* This series is held online or in-person at the E-Vam Institute, providing the chance to connect sangha and practice together
There is no course fee for these sessions. Donations are encouraged at the point of registration. 

Structured Meditation Practice Support

Ngondro Practice 

  • Support will be made available if required for anyone continuing their Ngondro practices or wishing to begin their Ngondro practices. 
  • Members wishing to begin Ngondro – preliminary practices that are a pre-requisite for further Vajrayana/Tantric practices – will be provided with support and guidance when applying to begin Ngondro practice. This will include the required refuge and initiation ceremony.

Vajrayana practice support

Once Ngondro practices are completed full members may wish to apply to do further Vajrayana practices through E-Vam. Traleg Rinpoche put in place access to instructions to all the practices included in the Kagyu traditional 3 year retreat and also left specific instructions on how E-Vam members should approach their Vajrayana practices. In line with Rinpoche’s instructions:

  • E-Vam will do its utmost to provide opportunities, instructions and initiations ceremonies given by appropriately qualified lineage teachers for further Vajrayana practices whenever possible. 
  • Additional short solo retreat guidance will be provided when required. The retreat instructions will follow Rinpoche’s guidelines for approaching Vajrayana practices when in retreat.


  • Full members are encouraged to participate in Centres activities including helping out with such activities as: cleaning; helping at working bees; and other volunteering when possible, upon request. This is an expectation in particular for those participating in Ngondro and other Vajrayana practices and teachings.

Request an application form for Full Membership

Annual fee for Full Membership is $269 for single membership or $405  for family membership.

Please indicate on the application form if you wish to apply for a hardship discount.

Lapsed Membership

Membership can be renewed if lapsed for up to 12 months after which a new application will be required.