Associate Membership

Associate Membership in E-Vam Institute

Associate Membership is an entry level membership that provides the following benefits and responsibilities:


10% discount on courses and Akshara Bookshop.

Commentarial Teachings
Traleg Rinpoche gave detailed commentaries on some of the key texts from the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions. Presented as online courses, these in-depth commentaries will be offered around 3 times a year for members. Each course will run one evening a week for approximately 6 weeks. The sessions will include the recitation of prayers, meditation, listening to audio of Traleg Rinpoche’s teachings; the session with conclude with closing prayers.  There is no course fee for these sessions. Donations are encouraged at the point of registration.

Structured Meditation Practice Support

Ngondro Practice

  • Members wishing to begin Ngondro – preliminary practices that are a pre-requisite for further Vajrayana/Tantric practices – will be provided with support and guidance when applying to begin Ngondro practice. This will include E-Vam providing the required refuge and initiation ceremony as well as practice instructions.
  • Support will be made available for anyone continuing their Ngondro practices who would like some support or assistance. 
  • Retreat advice and practice instructions –  guidance on approaches to practice and solo retreats will be provided upon request inline with Traleg Rinpoche’s instructions.


All Associate Members are encouraged to participate in Centres activities including helping out at working bees and other volunteering whenever possible. This is an expectation in particular for those participating in Ngondro practices and Traleg Rinpoche’s commentarial teachings.

Please note: Additional offerings including access to further Vajrayana practices are available when one is eligible to apply for Full Membership.

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Annual fee for Associate Membership is $269 for single membership and $405 for family membership.

Please indicate on the application form if you wish to apply for a hardship discount.