Under 35’s program


In this course you will learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The teachings will emphasise self-reflection, meditation-in-action, and progressive stages of practice.

Dates: March 2020


A series of discussion groups based on key Buddhist ideas such as the four noble truths, ethics, meditation, wisdom and compassion.  Offering a warm and inviting environment, each class dives deep into discussing these ideas and how they apply to our daily lives.  Based on authentic and illuminating teachings by Traleg Rinpoche IX, effectively facilitated by his students.  Material will be made available prior to the group.  These sessions are sure to get you thinking more deeply about key themes central to Tibetan Buddhism.  Participants new to Buddhism and those familiar with the teachings will offer a range of diverse inputs – all are welcome.

Dates: May and June 2020


In this course you will be introduced to techniques that are used to ease and stabilise the body and mind in order to generate a conducive environment for meditation. These practices are suitable for both beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners.

Dates: OCT 2020

URBAN RETREAT (4 per year)

Traleg Rinpoche IX, E-Vam Institute’s founder, encouraged students to take an intergral approach to buddhism. One of the ways this is practiced is through urban retreats. These will be held four times per year at E-Vam Institute, Princes Hill. The urban retreat will include, Tibetan Yoga, Meditation, Discussion of Buddhist concepts, the four immeasurable meditations, traditional puja ceremonies.

Dates: 2020 (1 each quarter)