October Retreat 2023 5 days

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October Retreat 2023 5 days

October 13, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - October 18, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

October Retreat 2023
5 days

Maitripa Contemplative Centre & Online

From 6 pm Friday Evening on the 13th of October

Retreat is valued as a time to step away from our daily life of distractions and obstacles, to be in a supportive and focused environment for an extended period. Since the time of the Buddha, there has been a strong tradition among Buddhists of taking time for periods of retreat for practice, study, and reflection.

Upholding the retreat format provided by Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, the 2023 October Retreat includes structured time for walking and sitting meditation, Green Tara and Chenrezig pujas, recorded teachings by Traleg Rinpoche (read on for details), and yoga.

Whether new to Buddhism or an experienced practitioner, the retreat environment is an essential support on the Path.

The 2023 October Retreat will be a hybrid event, which means you can attend the retreat either in-person at Maitripa Centre or online.

Held in a serene and supportive environment at Maitripa Centre, join other practitioners as we explore the teachings on Mahamudra.

About the audio teachings

Pointing-Out Instructions Regarding the Four Yogas of Mahamudra.

“The Mahamudra attitude is that you are fundamentally awake already. 
You practice to acknowledge that wakefulness
Rather than to look for enlightenment…” – Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the teachings and practices of Mahamudra are a means to learn to relate to experiences from the perspective of ultimate reality. The term itself translates to “Great Seal” or “Great Symbol,” signifying the ultimate nature of reality.

During this retreat we will have the opportunity to listen to teachings drawn from Kuynkhyen Pema Karpo’s key text, ‘Pointing-Out Instructions Regarding the Four Yogas of Mahamudra’. In this translation and commentary, Traleg Rinpoche guides us through the each of these yogas and helps us appreciate that we practice to “become what we are”, rather than grasping at enlightenment as something to be acquired.

Rinpoche demonstrates how this profound 16th-century text, written for meditators, remains as relevant and instructive today as it was then.

Traleg Rinpoche on Mahamudra…

“I believe that Mahamudra meditation is a most congenial match for the contemporary world. This type of meditation is not founded on the moralistic, judgmental, punitive approaches modern people often associate with religion, nor does it emphasise a spiritual path involving extensive periods of discipline, self-denial, and self-abnegation…

The notions of detachment and renunciation are all too often the things that most religions emphasise, sometimes to an extreme. This has been at the expense of cultivating our potential for psychological and physical well-being, of learning to be at ease with ourselves, our environment, and our fellow creatures….Instead of highlighting the negatives in our lives and seeing evil lurking in every corner, the Mahamudra approach to spirituality allows us to see things in a positive and open light. Even things that we might normally regard as bad and undesirable can be interpreted in a more uplifting way due to the expansiveness of the Mahamudra vision, allowing us to benefit from them spiritually.”

– Traleg Rinpoche, Luminous Bliss: Self-realisation through Meditation. Shogam Publications Pty Ltd.

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX (1955 – 2012)

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX was Born In Eastern Tibet And Enthroned As The Supreme Abbott Of thrangu Monastery by his Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa. Rinpoche Underwent Rigorous Scholastic And Meditative Training Under Various Tibetan Buddhist Masters In India And Bhutan Before Coming To Australia In 1980. Rinpoche Became Well Known For His Erudition, Fluency In English And Background In Western Psychology, Comparative Religion And Philosophy. He Inaugurated The Annual Buddhist Summer School, Now In Its 38th Year. Rinpoche Is The Author Of A Number Of Books Including ‘The Essence Of Buddhism’ Now In Its Third Printing, ‘Karma: What It Is, What It Isn’t, Why It Matters’, ‘Moonbeams Of Mahamudra: The Classic Meditation Manual’ And ‘How To Do Life: A Buddhist Perspective’ To Name A Few. Read Rinpoche’s Full Biography here.

The Venue: Maitripa Centre

Established by Traleg Rinpoche, the beautiful Maitripa Centre, is a retreat property set amongst the mountain ash forests, just outside the township of Healesville, Victoria. Maitripa Centre provides a tranquil and uplifting practice environment. Learn more about the venue here.


The retreat is also accessible online and online participants enjoy lots of support. You will receive a welcome pack that includes all the information you need to make your home a comfortable environment for a retreat. You will have the same access to the pujas, yoga and meditation, and teachings just like being in-person, except from the comfort of your own home! Online retreat tickets below…


The Program



5pm-7pm      Check in for ‘In person’ participants
6pm              Dinner
7:30pm         Welcome & Introduction
8pm              Chenrezig Puja

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
6am              Green Tara Puja
7:30am         Breakfast
9am              Yoga & Meditation
10am            Break
10:30am       Meditation 
12noon         Lunch
1pm              Karma Yoga
2:00pm         Teachings
3:30pm         Break
4pm              Meditation
5.30pm         Break
6pm              Dinner
8pm              Chenrezig Puja

6am              Green Tara Puja
7:30am         Breakfast
9am              Yoga & Meditation
10am            Break
10:30am       Meditation
12noon         Lunch & Clean-up
2:00pm         Teachings
3:30pm         Farewell & Thank You’s

*The program may vary from day to day with extra activities on some days

The Food

A full vegetarian menu is included in your booking. Specific dietary requirements can be entered at check-out. The onsite cafe, Dogen’s Kitchen, will be open daily serving barista coffee and house made treats.

Ticket info and Bookings
(Ticket widget below…it can take a little while to load!)

This includes access to the full program, private single room accommodation and vegetarian catering. All rooms are fully furnished & bedding is supplied. Twin room options are also available.

Full Retreat 5 days: $780 ($156 per day)
Discounts apply below

Under 35’s Full retreat: $546 ($109.20 per day)

Online Retreat Tickets Enjoy the retreat from the comfort of your own space. Tickets to join the retreat online will be available soon.

* If you wish to attend the full retreat, but need time to purchase your ticket, please contact the office
* If you wish to attend the retreat, but cannot commit to the full duration, please contact the office to discuss part-time retreat options 

* E-Vam Office Contact Details: or (03) 9387 0422


HCC Holder 15% (code: concession) | Members 10% (code: member) | Students 30% (code: student) | Under35 30% (code: under35) | * please show proof of concession at check-in

Dana Application: I wish to apply for Dana, financial support to attend this course at E-Vam. More information can be found at this link: (https://evaminstitute.org/dana/)



October 13, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
October 18, 2023 @ 3:30 pm


E-Vam Institute
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Online and at Maitripa Cente
528 Myers Creek Road
Healesville, VIC 3777
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